Burning the bread – no big deal

Martha McHaney party 002

Burned to a crisp Halloween sandwiches. Don’t tell me I can’t carry out a theme!

I should just stop trying to entertain. I try so hard to produce a memorable occasion for my family and friends, but always fall short of the mark.

Today was a case in point. I invited seven of my oldest and dearest friends over for lunch after church. I spent two days preparing the meal which was quite dandy if I do say so myself.

Martha McHaney party 007

No one’s birthday. We just wanted to blow out a candle!

First mistake. I had told everyone to arrive at 1:30 p.m. At 1:40 no one had arrived and I was fuming. Norma called to asked if she could wear jeans.

“What? You haven’t even left home and here I sit with the ice melting in the goblets and the pimiento spread has formed a crust on top?!”

Martha McHaney party 005

In a very calm voice, Norma explained, “It’s only 12:30, Emily. I will be there in plenty of time,” she said.

“Oh.” (The time change, of course. )

I hadn’t had time to bring in the ladder so I could change my kitchen clock. It was still saving the daylights out of my Sunday. (Me, the one who made a whole post yesterday reminding everyone to change their clocks.)

Anyway, Norma rushed right on over and we decided to go ahead and toast my luscious asparagus sandwiches which would be served on the veranda with my new recipe for pomegranate punch. The sandwiches had been made in advance, dipped in real butter and dredged in Parmesan cheese. They were going to be the hit of the party after a brief browning in the oven.Martha McHaney party 003

I turned the oven on broil and proceeded to tinker with the stereo system which was playing tunes from 1947, the year we all made our debut on this earth. Norma started to tell me some juicy gossip, and I flat forgot about asparagus. That tale-tell smell finally found its way through my sensory system to my brain.

“MY SANDWICHES!” I yelped. When I opened the oven door I was hit with a black cloud of smoke that practically knocked me down. We decided to rename them “Halloween sandwiches – Tidbits from the Dark Side” and serve them anyway. Someone had the bright idea to remove the burned side and eat them topless. That worked.

“These are to die for,” said Peggy.

“Can I get the recipe?” asked Carolyn.

“is it imperative that we burn one side?” asked Martha innocently.

“Yes.” I replied. “To be honest to goodness Halloween sandwiches, they must be burned on at least one side.” They bought it.

At the end of the day, I realized that burning the asparagus sandwiches paled in comparison to remembering our experiences together. We were here to honor our friend Martha who had just buried her mother. We were a motley, but adorable crew.

These were the people who loved us when we had pimples on our faces, wore braces, and failed our algebra tests. Our parents may have wanted to trade us in, but we always had each other and knew we had greatness in our souls.

Mom, there’s some woman in our chair, reports Lucky Dawg, who hung with us every step of the way.

We are just about ready to let it loose. Burning the asparagus sandwiches and finding a way to make them work was a creative endeavor – kind of like making lemonade from lemons…oh, but so much better.

There’s no stopping us now.

8 thoughts on “Burning the bread – no big deal

  1. The sanwiches were the hit of the luncheon, I don’t think you had any left.
    Maybe this was Linda telling you not to give everyone her recipe for the
    asparagus sandwiches. I am sure she had a good laugh. It was great seeing Martha again. We never have to worry about what we will talk about, do we? The only thing is remembering what we were talking about
    when someone suddenly remembers, “you never finished your story about
    …..uh!?! We certainly do our share of chasing rabbits, one thing always reminds us of another time. Thanks again for sharing you cooking talents
    with us, food is always good when shared with good friends.
    Love ya Sista!

  2. Sanwich or sammich…..whatever, looks like y’all had a great time. I’m starting to recognize everybody. Y’all look too good!!

  3. Sorry I missed the good time — I’ll be sure to be at the next one!!! You will have to remember to tell me all the news and keep me up to date. The menu sounded wonderful – especially the chicken salad which we have to get the recipe for. Love, Ruthie

  4. Ruth Ann Stafford! Where was you honey? Ain’t the same whence you’s missin in action.

    But you know how the game is played. When you ain’t here, you IS the topic of conversation. Norma Jean and me made up all kinds of stories about you to regale the other sustahs. We told um real estate is slow and you’re moonlighin at the naked bar up on 45. Sunday is yore biggest day. Hope you got lots of tips.

  5. Ruthie you were truly missed! We had a great time as usual and the halloween sandwiches were a real “trick” or “treat”!!!!umh Lucky Dawg looks like a true “diva” sitting there!!
    Love ya’ll!

  6. I’m ROTFWL!!!!!!! You guys are too funny. I miss you!!! I just want to know what the gossip was the caused you to burn the sandwiches. 🙂 I think that this was a really neat thing to do for Martha.

  7. rotfwl… Rolling on the floor with laughter… You are SO funny. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy what you write. Of course, some of it is because I
    know personally, the characters that you write about. I just read the article (Mother sent) about your trip to Austin and acting like a bunch of rednecks… CRACKED me UP!

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