Calling for entries into the foodie hall of shame

potato chip sandwich

When I was a kid, and had not yet mastered the art of cooking, (my mother wouldn’t let me in the kitchen because I always made such a mess), my two best friends and I loved mayonnaise sandwiches.

As soon as Mother left for her Culture Club meeting, we would head for the kitchen and slather two slices of Wonder bread with real mayo (there was no such thing as the fat free variety in those days). Yummo. I guess you could call it a BLT – hold the bacon, lettuce and tomato. Mother never could figure out why she was always running out of mayo and Wonder bread.

If that didn’t satisfy, we would mix equal parts of cocoa power and sugar and stuff it between our gums and teeth. We called it “snuff.” If we were still craving something, we would play communion and have grape juice and crunched up saltines. (I’m sorry about that one, but we were prohibited from partaking at church in those early years so we made up our own version.)

My cousin Kathie taught me how to make potato-chip sandwiches when I was a kid. Take fresh, soft white bread, pile on as many potato chips as you can, gently balance another piece of bread on top, then push straight down to crush the chips into the bread so you can pick up the sandwich and eat it. Nothing but salt and carbs, but the crunchy/soft contrast was delicious.

If you have an entry into the Foodie Hall of Shame, send it to me. Let’s see who can get the grossest.

6 thoughts on “Calling for entries into the foodie hall of shame

  1. I can’t believe it–we must be sisters–I, also, ate mayonnaise sandwiches and mixed cocoa and sugar and pretended it was snuff! But, I have another foodie thing that not many other people have. I grew up eating peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches rather than peanut butter and jelly. In fact, I had never eaten a PBJ until I married. And the ULTIMATE sandwich to me is Crunchy Peanut Butter and Mayonnaise and Banana on Wheat Berry Bread. I’m drooling all over the computer just thinking about it. (I’m wiping it off so I won’t have to call Braddock for another day or two.) I’ll probably sleep well tonight knowing there is at least one other person in this world who ate/eats Mayo Sandwiches!!

  2. Hi Emily,

    Your Mom’s first cousin (my father) used to make pineapple sandwiches and eat them. Pretty sure he slapped lots of mayo on the sandwich bread slices before he added the pineapple. Was/is this a Mississippi tradition?

    As ya’ll probably recall, Elvis ate peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
    (Did I get that right? Anyone who can verify that?)


  3. Oh yeAH. We were talking about mayo sandwiches today when my “girls” the deluded divas were here. Olivia said she prefers Miracle Whip. Does anyone know what’s the difference.????

  4. My girl friends were talking about your post today, Ann. Ruth Ann says she is planning to make that tomorrow because it sounds so wonderful. I’m sorry, bananas make me want to puke. I slipped on a peel when I was five and I just don’t trust them.

    And Nancy, you’re exactly right – Elvis was a peanut butter/banana kind of guy.

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