Calvary to the rescue! This is WAR!


Hooray! Here comes the Calvary to save the day.  All may not be lost after all – especially the $83 I was scammed by that lovely company called Advanced Wellness Research (I posted my bad experience on Friday). 


Above you can see what I got for $4.99 – it was deducted from my account  because I was stupid enough to put it on my debit card –  then two weeks later, they took another $78.  The product is a bunch of slick promos and a hyperdermic needle that contains some viscous material that looks like mineral oil with sparkles added.  I expect that’s exactly what it is, except that all the disclaimers lead me to believe it might have eaten my teeth away altogether!

I received the following e-mail last night from a cyberfriend who explained what to when you are cheated by one of the growing number of web sites offering things that sound too good to be true. I am including the e-mail in its entirety for your information:

Hi Emily,

This may only end up giving you personal pleasure for creating havoc with this company but, it might also get your money back (as was my case).

There are a few steps you need to follow:

1. Contact your bank and tell them you are disputing the charges taken from your account by this company. They should deposit your money back into your account while they investigate.(it can take up to 90 days for this).

If at the end of their investigation, they should find that you did authorize the charges, they will deduct them from your account again. (My bank never deducted the charges again).

2. Go to this website: and look for the Consumer Protection on it….then look for the File a Complaint tab and click on it. Fill out the complaint form as complete as you can. Be sure and attach any documentation that you might have ie: the web site address, e-mail you might have got from them, phone calls (even if you have to explain about the language differences).

Here is the information that I found by following your link

A. They have been taken over by Netalab Inc. whose website is:

They (Netalab) have agreed to process and serve AWR’S existing customers.

Netalab’s physical address is:

Netalab, Inc
940 Lincoln Road, Suite 215
Miami Beach, Fl 33139

They have a phone #: 1-866-964-1011

and  e-mail address:

3. I had to fill out a sworn deposition just in case I should  be called to testify  if it should go to court. I would have to go to Washington,DC.(at the expense of the government).

As I said, it may end up only giving you personal pleasure that you caused this company some discomfort as they have done to many others I’m sure, or you might end up as I did with your money back and still feeling satisfaction.

Hope this helps, if I can help any further please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call me.

Thanks much, J, for coming to my rescue.  I’ll take you out for lunch if I get my money back.

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  1. Just so you guys know. I googled netlab and there are legal issues in both illinois and florida in the process. Call the fderal trade commission 877-382-4357. I’m still trying to get my money back and working on giving them hell.

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