Can you hear me now?


Yesterday I followed a young man as he wondered around Wal-Mart – you know that last vestige of retail -now that most of our purchasing is done with our thumbs, on Amazon.

I wasn’t stalking him exactly, though he was pretty cute. I was just curious when he would stop texting and get down to the business of shopping. 

He strolled up and down each aisle never looking up. I marveled that he didn’t run into anyone or anything.  I began counting the people texting and was confounded to learn I was the only person under the age of 65 doing their shopping free-handed. (I’m embarrassed to admit I left my cellphone at home). Oh and wait, I passed 65  five years ago.  Well, no wonder.  I still like to talk to my friends and total strangers – face to face – without a phone.

Obviously I couldn’t try out my new pick-up line on the guy because he was engaged in what I have come to think of a “Thumb Conversation”.  Unfortunately I’m still a one-handed  hunter & pecker on my phone and I despise doing it.

Is the art of face to fact conversation about to go the way of the dinosaur?   

Are out ears in danger of going the way of the pinky toe?  Use it or lose it.  Will the man of the future be earless?  Thank heavens we still have music and television to listen to.  No wonder there is so much war and pestilence in the world today – we don’t talk or listen to each other. We tweet or text.  Sad.

Man of the future?





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