Can the color of your plates affect your appetite?

bluel food

Blue food, blue plates, blech!

I was reading a magazine article about blue being the least appetizing food color because it isn’t found in nature often.  Interesting concept.

What really got my attention is that the article hinted that blue is like a color appetite suppressant. The idea was intriguing though fraught by lack of logic.

The article, Color and Food Matters, says basically if you want to eat less, buy blue plates.  Hmmm…I’ve been eating on Blue Willow for decades until I sold them at a garage sale last year.  And in the ensuing months, I gained about 10 pounds! Aha!  I knew it couldn’t be a lack of will power.

Now I hear Japanese scientists have developed Blue Shade Glasses, which make food less attractive. This gadget is a pair of glasses with blue lenses, which “color” the food blue. Food appearing in the colors blue looks weird and absolutely not so irresistible.

weightlossglasses They are only available in Japan for about $20, but I bet I can put some blue acetate over my specks and create a perfectly disgusting “Blue Plate Special.”  Stay tuned, I’ll let you know how it works out.

I’m going to make some macaroni and cheese and wear my homemade blue goggles and see what happens.

George Carlin had a comedy bit about blue food.

“Why is there no blue food? I can’t find blue food — I can’t find the flavor of blue! I mean, green is lime; yellow is lemon; orange is orange; red is cherry; what’s blue? There’s no blue! Oh, they say, “Blueberries!” Uh-uh; blue on the vine, purple on the plate. There’s no blue food! Where is the blue food? We want the blue food!”

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