Can’t take it with you, but you can leave it until you return!


Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes something so bizarre, it makes your head swim!  That’s how I felt yesterday when I caught a snippet on the Dave Ramsey radio show about a new bank called the Reincarnation Bank.

I kid you not. Someone has established a bank to hold your assets while you traverse the line between life and death – then, back again. Maybe it makes sense if you believe in reincarnation, but how do you identify yourself upon returning so you can reclaim your cash? It could be especially problematic if you come back as a kangaroo or something.

reincarnation bank logo

Reincarnation Bank was originally set up in Gibraltar for Elliott Trevesk who has now decided to offer the banking services to all believers of reincarnation. However, an “indication of interest rates cannot be given at this stage because the bank says it cannot forecast how long the customer will be away.” But $1000 or $10,000 invested now will have an added value upon our return, the brochure promises..

Here’s how you reclaim your assets when you return according to the brochure:

“As in this life, in the next you will have memories of previous lives. One of these recollections will be of your arrangement with Reincarnation Bank.” (You think?)

“Whatever version of the internet or data retrieval mechanisms in use at the time of your return, you will renew your contact with Reincarnation Bank and through regression you will recall the details/instructions that you left at the time of making your deposit. A custodian of Reincarnation Bank will open your letter privately in your presence and will ask you to repeat the details contained therein (whilst in regression). Once this has been satisfactorily achieved, funds/property will be handed back to you and the account closed.”

Heck.  I can’t remember bank information in this life, much less the last.  I guess I never lived before because I can’t recall a thing about any past life.  If I have assets on deposit somewhere, I’ll never know about it.

But hey, this should take the award for most creative financial scam!  You’d do better to give all your money to Bernie Madoff and let him manage it for you from prison.

4 thoughts on “Can’t take it with you, but you can leave it until you return!

  1. Hi Em,

    Have you checked for a state website? Maybe you have unclaimed funds, you know, deposited by a Teddy Toad or someone??? Maybe he wanted to preserve a few worts for his future life, and deposited those instead. Hmm, I see the problem with this now.

    Know what, think I’d want to come back just to have those scam artists locked away a few lifetime sentences. Maybe that’s why they double up those long, long sentences — could be the judges know stuff we don’t know. Ya think? If only…


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