Care-free summer entertaining

oooPumpkins showed up in my Kroger this week, but summer’s hanging around like a lazy tiger breathing down our collective necks.  The calendar may say September but make no mistake – fall hasn’t arrived yet

My friends, Caroline and Norma, are part of an enormous family — totaling almost 50 in the immediate crew at last count.  So when the family gathers to celebrate the birthday of its matriarch, Caroline Harrell, it is a daunting task to feed everyone.

Norma and her daughter-in-law “little Caroline” Harrell, carried it off with pizzazz and not a lot

potato narof effort. They crafted a potato bar using huge potatoes which they picked up in Starkville at United Produce.  (I’m going there tomorrow – didn’t even know they sold direct to public.)

They wrapped the potatoes in foil and baked them as usual (that was the hottest job which Norma did in one sitting because she has two ovens to support her large family). They placed the condiments out (many packaged) and let everyone help themselves.

All the ” fixing” were available such as cheese, crumbled bacon, chopped jalapeño.\, chopped ham – well you can see the spread.  They rounded off the feast with a bag salad and of course, birthday cake!

Next time I have a porch party, I’m serving a potato bar set up just inside the front door.  In fact, I can add chopped turkey and call it “Thanksgiving.”  Brilliant, Caroline and Norma.  Now, may I borrow that huge wooden vessel.  That’s what pulled it all together.

16 thoughts on “Care-free summer entertaining

  1. Next we’ll move on to our soups and chili. We can make these ahead and enjoy the party. Don’t you love an outdoors gathering with a big fire? Let’s have one!

  2. Norma – can you list what other condiments you used beside those I listed. Thinking of doing this for my Bookclub next week.

  3. Cracked up when I read about the birthday cake. The sqrueril was a surprise to me because I was sure I knew where you were going with this story until the sqrueril entered the picture. I had a similar experience a few summers ago. My daughter was turning 8 and we planned an old fashioned, fun filled, at home birthday party for her. Knowing I have the creativity of a sloth, she took it easy on me and asked for a birthday cake that looked like a bright yellow sun wearing dark sunglasses. Easy peasy round cake, food coloring and a steady hand the cake looked fabulous! I put it out on the screened in back porch for safe keeping. The party is underway and I go to bring out the masterpiece that we created. As I opened the door to the sun porch a horror was in front of me ..our dog somehow squeezed her way into the back porch through a small tear in the screen door (though it was no longer a small tear) and ate 3/4 of the beautiful sun cake!!!! It was a mess! She looked at me with that who me??? look, while covered with frosting and paw prints of mushed cake were spread all over the floor. We will NEVER for get that not so wonderful birthday surprise!***Love the new blog by the way definitely trying the cookies and mac and cheese. Yum

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