From good to GREat!!!

The headline should have read “From great to greater”.  Every time I think about the Mississippi State women’s basketball performance at the final four last night, I start to cry.  I cried right along with Morgan William last night when she was grabbed by Coach Schaefer.  

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Restorative soup in your sleep

Yesterday I was not feeling well.  I was yearning for my mother and some of her homemade chicken soup.  
Of course I didn’t feel like doing anything but napping on sofa while Netflix droned on the 7th ridiculous season of Gray’s Anatomy – fortunately I couldn’t hear It over Rebel’s snoring beside me on the sofa.  (This series started off with promise but collapsed into an embarrassing almost laughable soap opera.. I watch it for chuckles.)

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My love affair with quinoa


I’ve been on a diet since age 12 and I’m sick of the whole process which has done little more than give me an eating disorder.  I cannot enjoy dining because I’m mentally counting carbs or calories.

First same Metrical (remember that awful canned science project?), then a series of deprivation diets such as Weight Watchers, The Mediterranean Diet, Atkins, South Beach and Slimfast. Continue reading

Getting crafty at Christmas time


Handmade crafts have never been my “thang”.  Well except when I was a little girl I made a paper chain for our Christmas tree and even that didn’t turn out all that well.

My friend, Kay from Tupelo, decided it was time that I learn to craft again since we’re retired and all.  Besides, my mental age has returned to about age five anyway. .  So she came down this week to teach me how to make Deer Beer.  You may have seen them on Pinterist and they are pretty cute. Continue reading

We saved the world! (or so they said)

img_2532My boys (Braddock on left and William on right) and I have something BIG to be thankful about today.

And so do you since we worked tirelessly over the weekend to crack the code providing an antidote to a deadly virus which would have destroyed the world.  Yup, you heard it here.  We’re having a press conference later today with CNN and FOX. Continue reading