Why this hasn’t been my best month


Mama said there would be days like this but she never left a clue there would be entire months to test the soul. My all time worst nightmares occurred this month. Continue reading

Call to arms


The world has become a scary and dangerous place, so I have decided to take drastic measures and invest in some hand guns.

The two I bought didn’t even require any registration or credentials.   Obviously I’m not living in a gun free zone.  I’ve been doing some target shooting on my back porch and the authorities don’t even seem to care. Continue reading

Driven by my Neanderthal-Irish past

neanI recently discovered I am only 97 percent human since I traced my DNA through “Twenty Three and Me”, an ancestry research company.

After I plunked down my $100 and spit in a cup, “Twenty Three and Me” traced my heritage all the way back to my Neanderthal beginnings.  I do have rather long arms and love to chew on a drumstick at tailgate parties. Hmmm.

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Liar, liar pants on fire

pants on fire

A group of my “over 50” cronies were discussing our fascinating lives over coffee the other day.

Two had just returned from a trip to Italy, one had been cross-country skiing in Wyoming, and the oldest one in the group had just placed first in his age bracket in a half marathon.

Me? I had nothing. My big adventure was a

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Cuttin’ the mustard–my crazy obsession

As I tried to find a place in the refrigerator for the Thanksgiving leftovers, I made an unsettling discovery.  I’m pretty sure I have a mustard addiction.  I counted 16 half used bottles of mustard in a freaky collection that is clearly out of control.

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