Freak out family at Thanksgiving

turkey chips

No, I won’t be cooking this year even though I will offer a traditional Thanksgiving dinner thanks to Boulder Canyon Kettle Chips.  Yes, you read that right.  My Nashville son, William, arrived at our airiport with a complete Thanksgiving dinner in a bag….Kettle Chip bags.

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Booing the bag ban

little bag

First, they nixed smoking and subjected female spectators to purse searches.  Now they’ve gone too far.

A new policy at NFL stadiums limits the size of purses to “small clutch bags” roughly the size of a cell phone! Anything more has to be carried in a large clear plastic bag, like the ones you use for sandwiches.  How tacky.

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Tales of a former food snob


Once upon a time I fancied myself a gourmet cook. I put paper booties on my crown roasts and added white truffle oil to my grits. I stuffed every vegetable I could find, thinking it couldn’t possibly taste good on its own.

Mine was a simple case of “cooking to impress” to cover my inherent inadequacies in the kitchen. The sad truth is, my southern mother never taught me to cook because I made such a mess in the kitchen. Still do.

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Tales from a spinach freak

mo spinach

Determined not to return to the grocery store until I use up stuff that’s not paying rent to live at my house, I plundered through the freezer today.

I had six bags of frozen spinach , a bag of flash frozen chicken breasts,  and some other stuff I couldn’t identify. A long time lover of spinach, I decided to improvise, or I could set the spinach  outside and watch the raccoons run for the hills.  I decided to cook it up.

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