Pimp your grits-watch CREATE TV

Chef Vivian Howard Now hold on.  The word “pimp” doesn’t always refer to some slimy guy setting up clandestine meetings in dark alleys.  In this case it means the magical ability to turn lowly grits into the food of the Gods. You pimp them when you take them to new heights through the addition of non-traditional ingredients. Above, Chef Vivian Howard demonstrates one of the grits recipes in her restaurant in North Carolina.   In her show  “Life of a Chef” on CREATE,  she devotes her time to featuring a “farm to table” menu Continue reading

Unfinished business

more pro

Uh, oh.  I’m way behind schedule. I have a habit of starting new projects all pumped up and carrying a glowing vision in my mind of what the results will be.  Nine times out of ten, I get lured away to the next shiny thing that catches my eye and leave the first project languishing in the cemetery of good intentions.

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Spring cleaning, sort of


If a stranger entered my home this morning, he or she would assume I have toddlers, or at least a herd of wild animals living on the premises.

The white wood trim which I unwisely chose for my entire house is muddled with handprints and all the light switches look like sticky fingers have been clicking them off and on just for fun.

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Don’t talk dirty to me, you dirty thing

dirtyMy life just got even more simple.  All my hair fell out this week.

Well all but a hank in the front which is kind of cute if you focus on it and ignore the rest of the head which I discovered is slightly “coned,” . (Yes, I’m have cone-heads in my family tree.)

If my hank falls, I’m thinking of super-gluing it on so I’ll have

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