So long Fred’s – what will we do without you?


The shelves are almost empty and I would wager that Starkville’s Fred’s Discount Store will be gone by sunset. It’s closure follows on the coat-tails of other Fred’s stores in Mississippi and system-wide.

I’m sad beyond words and wondering where I’ll go in the future when a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup craving hits me without warning. Or it’s raining and I’m out of coffee. Or I need some potting soil on a Saturday morning and don’t want to stand in line at Walmart. Continue reading

2018 Calendar is about to get weird

If you think the world has gone haywire, consider that we are about to experience a significant cultural collision like none I’ve seen in my life time.. First, Ash Wednesday is on Valentine’s Day this year. Talk about an odd couple. 

One holiday is the somber, reverent start of Lent. The other tends to be one of America’s silliest exercises in the marketing of sentiment and manufactured guilt.

But even more astonishing – April 1, Easter Sunday arrives on April Fools’ Day. Christians and atheists, start your engines.

For the first time in decades, maybe centuries, the two holidays collide and present a dilemma for me. 

Think about it. Valentine’s Day is notorious for promoting the consumption of sweet cavity-producing treats packaged in cheap heart-shaped cardboard boxes.   Ash Wednesday, the day after Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), is the day I typically swear off sugar for six weeks!  What’s a girl to do?

I guess this year I’ll give up leaving towels on the floor.  .

Easter and April Fools’ Day cohabiting on the same day raises other more serious questions. Can anything frivolous be expressed about Easter that is not in extremely poor taste? Can one celebrate the sacred underpinnings of Christianity and engage in broad April Fools’ Day humor on the same day?

Non-believers are certain to greet the holiday with undisguised glee.  I, for one, dread the disgusting mirth sure to be perpetrated.

I’m just warning you, and I hope someone can come up with a way to reconcile the four holidays

Unconventional way to remember Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor… 76 years and counting. Yet it’s as fresh as yesterday in the minds of the greatest generation which dwindles every day.  This week we lost one of the best – Dr. Gordon Hazard – what a loss it was to all those who knew and loved him and listened with rapt attention to his stories and observations about his 94 years on the planet – especially the war. 
Gordon (pictured above with Dr. Braddock (left) his long-time running mate) was not one to complain and criticize. In his honor and In reverent memory of Pearl Harbor and the men lost that day, I’ve decided to declare this day “Criticism Free Day.”  Won’t you join me?  I betcha your day will be infinitely better because of it.  If so, we can try it again tomorrow and the day after that.

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Kudos for antique & collectible keepers

In this disposable society, it’s a miracle that we have any reminders of days gone by.   Children often don’t care for the common household items used by their parents and grandparents or don’t have any place to put it!  Faye Michel (pictured above) and her husband Joey are rare exceptions. They unintentionally maintain one of the most extensive collections of 19th and 20th century collectibles – most still in use!

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