Celebrate national grilled cheese month


I don’t think there’s any food which rivals the grilled cheese sandwich as my all time favorite comfort food. There’s no dark rainy day that a grilled cheese and tomato soup can’t improve.

April is national grilled cheese month. It is generally agreed that the first grilled cheese sandwiches were made in the US during the 1920s. It became popular with the advent of the bread slicer and processed cheese and its popularity grew during World War II when it was included in the navy’s official cookbook. They were called “American cheese filling sandwiches.”

My taste buds are suggesting that breakfast today must be a grilled cheese.

I take the American favorite a step further and use my own “homemade “puhmintah cheese” recipe in place of sliced cheese. It’s especially delicious on Jewish rye with a few hamburger dills tucked inside, Oh man, my taste buds are going wild and I’m getting out the skillet.

One thought on “Celebrate national grilled cheese month

  1. I have loved your homemade “puhmintah cheese” recipe-taken from Deluded Diva some time ago!

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