Celebrate Spunky Old Broads Day


Today’s zany holiday is dedicated to the saying, “Old girls just wanna have fun.” Yes kiddies, Spunky Old Broad Day is upon us yet again. In fact, the entire month of February is dedicated to spunky old broads everywhere.


Now, those of you not in the know might ask yourself, “Gee, what exactly is a spunky old broad?” And if you do, then you obviously aren’t one.

Spunky old broads are positive, fun, kicking mature women over the age of 50 who refuse to sit back quietly and get old. They want excitement! They want a regret-free life! They want form fitting aprons! They want calcium supplements!

The best known old spunky broads that I could think of are The Golden Girls. You know you love ’em. And if you’ve never seen the show, make sure to catch a rerun. They air it like 3584 times a day on Lifetime.

What can you do today to celebrate?  Hide the old man’s teeth, play the new board game called Menopause, hold a junk food marathon.  Or better yet break out the Harley and wear your purple giant polka dot dress and red hat with birds nest and feathers to the grocery store.  But first I’ve got to go get my roots touched up.

I wonder if cranky old geezers have their special day?

7 thoughts on “Celebrate Spunky Old Broads Day

  1. I am the developer and owner (trademarked) of Spunky Old Broad Month and am delighted you have chosen to recognize it. We are a great bunch and have many things to offer our followers. If your team would like to receive our free newsletter every week, they can just go to our website and sign up. We are already doing radio shows just about every day!

  2. We have to tell what we are thankful for every day at our senior assisted living facility. This is perfect!! Count me in!

  3. Thank you Jeanne – I bet you kick things up at your senior living facility. You sound like a pistal to me. God Bless.! Wish we could share more ideas because you sound like someone I would like to know;

  4. Hi!
    I took a flying lesson on my 50th. Not so much on my 60th. But hey, there’s still time. My 70th. Is this month. ?

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