Toasting our girl grad with cheese

judy and bob

Judy and Bob toast Marie – with what else, Mississippi State cheese.

Olivia wasn’t thinking clearly when she asked me to pick some cheese made at Mississippi State University. I am a dangerous person to entrust with food such as cheese or chocolate. I went out and picked it up. It turned out to be a truck load of cheese and it took three good sized men to help me carry it out.

I wondered how to keep it refrigerated, then remembered I’ve been without heat for 15 days and the guest bedroom feels like a walk in cooler.  Perfect place to set up a cheese shoppe.

Never mind, we had a graduation ceremony to attend

Cheese aside, tonight was a huge event for the Marganitas of West Point High. Our classmate, Marie, was receiving her Masters Degree while the rest of us were wondering why the master was making her do this. She has spent two years totally dedicated to her studies and we’ve missed her on many trips. Time for a toast. All I had was cheese.marie and gals

That’s our girl, Marie, second from right, wearing her robe and mortar board. Who else but the girls of West Point High would be there to walk her down the aisle.

roy and marie

Acting MSU President Roy Ruby presents Marie with her diploma. I think she was trying to arm wrestle him. Of course, I had to run down 72 rows of seats and leap over two security guards to capture this photo. This one’s for you, Marie. Could you get someone to post my bond tomorrow?

me and judy

Olivia, I swear, we didn’t open a single box. And it’s in the coolest place on the planet. But you better come get it soon.  It’s been calling my name.

2 thoughts on “Toasting our girl grad with cheese

  1. The cheese made it home in fine shape! Thanks for getting it for me.
    Do you think my friends will notice the nibbles from your party last night?
    Hope not! I’ll take them a bottle of wine, too!

  2. What a remarkable night and it was so meaningful having some of my wonderful family and friends there to share it with me. Now that I don’t have to spend all my spare time studying and my brain did not explode from the last two years of trauma, we’ll start working on fun projects….shopping for mortar board hats to wear to church or WHEREVER, and looking for diet plans that promise to work, EVEN if you don’t follow directions!!!!!!!!!

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