hining room mirror 006

Marie and I have been censored as indicated by the dreaded “black bars” which appears on our photos when someone takes our picture.  We’re not sure why, and it’s a bummer.


hining room mirror 010Even my favorite neighbor, Brenda, has been censored and everyone knows she’s the sweetest lady in Starkpatch.

My sons were censored when they visited a few weekends ago.  I guess because of their association with such unsavory characters  who hang out at my house..

hining room mirror 002

Braddock, my eldest, is wearing his beer drinking hand. Didn’t want you to think he had some kind of deformity.

2 thoughts on “Censored

  1. Are those 3-D glasses you are all wearing?
    You’re sons look like identical twins from what I can see.
    Do they look that much alike with their regular eyes on? Cuz

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