Chafed by television advertising- ouch!

Does it seem to you that television advertising is becoming more and more annoying?

I should probably just cut back on my television viewing in general, but I can’t.  It’s like I’m a TV “rubbernecker” – when a commercial disaster pops up, I am compelled to watch.

Most annoying of all time – the Vermont Teddy Bear spot.  Surely you saw it – ran non-stop prior to Valentine’s day, followed immediately by the equally irritating Pajama Gram advertisement.

woman's best friend

Apparently diamonds have been replaced by bear as girl’s best friend.

The bear thing, which bordered on the obscene, depicted a bunch of female office workers going gaga over a bear while the men overhear the clucking and begin to order the toy.  Do men really fall for this?

The ad claims the bear costs less than a dozen roses, (just under $100) and now, they’ve just released the new recession-proof bear. Pull-eze.  Where’s the logic in that?

stealing fashion notes from monks The one that puzzles me most is that ad for the Snuggie which is a blanket with arm holes.  Apparently this ad has generated an enormous response. Have those people not heard of the sweatshirt? Hey, how about the old bath robe? I’m thinking the Snuggie – which made it’s debut last October – was a Halloween costume idea that went bad and didn’t sell.

What really cracks me up is the shot of an entire family at a football game – all wearing identical Snuggies. They look like they should be passing out flowers at the airport or chanting in a monastery. What’s wrong with the old stadium blanket?

And here’s the rub.  The commercial states “one size fits all.”  I’d like to see your three year old struggling to get out of the stadium wearing a Snuggie that also fits his 6 foot, 300 pound grandpa.

Below – a meeting of the clan which has adopted red as a new fashion statement.

red clan sniggies You weigh the choice – a $19.95 blanket that makes you look like a Buddhist Monk, or a big old $6 sweatshirt that won’t get caught in the fireplace and burn up your house not to mention the child you’re bouncing on your lap while wearing your Snuggie. By the way I heard they charge you $15 for shipping, so that runs the price way up there. And it doesn’t even come in monastery brown!

All this reminds me of the “urban rebounder” which is known to most people as a TRAMPOLINE. Believe it or not I BOUGHT the urban rebounder which has been living rent free under my bed for four years now.  I’ve been having nightmares about jumping on my rebounder wearing nothing but a Snuggie, while my Vermont teddy bear laughs all the way to the bank.

Having said all this, I am considering ordering one of those  “Shuffle Shoe Mops” – now that makes perfect sense. Heck. I may even order a Snuggie to cook in – I haven’t found an apron yet that provides that kind of coverage my cooking requires.

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