Christmas gifting

mo I stumbled across a great idea for last minute Christmas gifts for your friends or neighbors.

Actually, I saw it in Martha Stewart’s Christmas issue from last year and ripped it out so I’d remember to do it this year.

It’s a oven mitt, stuffed with all sorts of kitchen gadgets  peaking out the top.  Of course, mine turned out way cuter

than Martha’s,  and I wrapped it all up with a colorful kitchen towel topped off by  that clear gift wrapping material Olivia introduced to me last year.  I’d go take a photo to show you, but my camera battery is dead, and today is a busy, busy day in Starkvegas.

Cuuuute idea.  And very welcome, I might add.  All my oven mitts have holes burned in the fingers and I’m missing the 1/4 tsp from my measuring spoons set.  All my wooden spoons are so grungy looking I need to throw them away.  Perhaps your friends are in the same predicament.  The key is knowing the colors they use in their kitchen.

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