Class of 65 resumes high level talks

girls at reunion

The West Point High School Class of ’65 resumed talks today regarding their 45th reunion.  After much conversation, and rousing debate, the only thing that was decided was that we are going to have one in 2010. That was it.

(But I thought we did that last month, I whined.)

No progress was made as far as I can determine. Lucille Armstrong, Carolyn Blair, Olivia Portera and Norma Atkins (pictured above) were all ready to make decisions, then, enter the men.  Everything fell apart!

guguys at reujion

The good thing was, we had a whole new set of classmates show up which probably accounts for the lack of progress. Above, Bubba Davis, Bucky Kellogg and Jimmy Henley got hung up on dates, (not the female kind) but could only agree the reunion could not take place during football season because Bubba will be taking  whatever team he is coaching to the State Championships.  Soon, Larry Moore joined us and we got lost in catching up on the last 45 years.

reunion meet #2 002 The wildest thing happened.  As we left the building, we ran into one of our classmates, Nancy Felder, who was in town with her husband, Bill, to move her mother to New Orleans.  Oh my, our reunion took place right there in the parking lot.

You know, it occurs to me, that if we never actually hold a reunion, maybe enough people will come to the monthly meetings, that we can get by without spending a cent or doing any work. Okay, anyone else planning to be in the Point anytime soon?  We’ll pull together the old gang and have a reunion.

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  1. Out committee always said “The planning meetings were as much fun as the actualy reunion!” Good Luck!!!

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