Aging has some perks


Hazle's house July 2013 061

Let’s call it a mental health tune up.  That’s a ritual the Class of 65 from my high school performs periodically to keep it between the lines so to speak.  We get together on someone’s home turf and relive our glory days and laugh until the sun comes up.

Hazle's house July 2013 050

The only difference this time is that some of the guys joined us.  We spent four glorious days on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with the Hostess with the Mostest, our wonderful “Agenda Linda,” who kept us on track and always dressed to kill from one event to another.

hazels again 042We did a little gambling, a fair amount of dancing and eating (check out Damron’s crawfish platter at left from Tripani’s in Pass Christian), and a lot of laughing into the wee hours of the morning:.

What better way could a group of Baby Boomers escape the stresses of life and feel 16 again? Sometimes the best medicine is as close as your best high school buddy.

Hazle's house July 2013 040

Beth and Gene (above) were doing this 50 years ago at Rose’s Café in our hometown. Nothing much changes with this group of ole friends– in fact, we’re pretty sure we have only gotten better.  Who could imagine Beth and Gene on Medicare? Nah.

hazels again 071 Marie and Bill (at left) were rocking to the tunes of the Torquays 45 years ago at Teen Town.  Today, neither look or act like any  senior citizen I have ever known.

In fact, we enjoyed telling everyone we were on our “Senior Trip.”  Look out Florida, we’ll be coming to a location near you soon.  Naples, anyone?

These are the friends who date back long before puberty made us self-conscious and obsessive.  They are the friends we were gifted with for life, who remind us we really are okay and quite possibly fabulous.

Driving home with “my girls” including Beth, Norma, Marie and Carole (who we had to drop off at the airport and cried real tears), we decided that 1947 and 1965 were very good years.  The best.

14 thoughts on “Aging has some perks

  1. We lived it this weekend and you penned it perfectly! GREAT JOB, Emily!

  2. Hazel, Emily penned it perfectly and you as always extended us “true southern hospitality.” FUN! We planned our next visit on the way home, the ball is in John’s court. Once again, thanks for the memories we made. Love you all!!!

  3. Love all the pictures, but we’re missing the one of you and the white shirt guy getting “low” on the dance floor. Also a shot of the couple who needed to get a room immediately; don’t worry if you didn’t get a shot of that because Beth has 10 or 15 on her phone. Great weekend, great fun, many laughs.

  4. Fabulous weekend with a great group of fun-loving friends! Who would have thought being a “senior” for the second time could be so AMUSING!!!! Thanks for the great hospitality, Hazel…..would have loved some of your perfectly cooked grits this morning!!!

  5. LC – we missed you but you have a what? 8 pound excuse? Loved seeing the picture of your new grandson – Norma showed me how to get on Facebook. We’re already planning our next two trips – one is train ride to New Orleans then Naples to Caroline and Robert Harrell’s beach house. Don’t let your schedule fill up.

  6. So sorry I missed a GREAT time! Great pictures and good article ad usual, Emily!

  7. These mental health tune ups are the best! There is nothing like friendships that were formed when we were children and the friends that have always loved you.

  8. What a wonderful weekend!! I came home exhausted physically but totally re-energized mentally. Just loved every minute of being with everyone. If we do another spouse-free weekend in the future, hope a few more of the guys can come. Damron, I appreciate all your efforts. Hazel, thanks for being such a great hostess!

  9. Trapani’s Eatery is in Bay St. Louis, not Pass Christian! Rebuilt right where it was before the storm, and just as good as ever!

  10. Ann, i wasn’t sure where we were – I was in back of the bus! Loved the little town though – like the old coast used to be. Just don’t order the Cuban panini – was like cardboard, but everyone else’s was marvelous. Serves me right for not ordering seafood on the Gulf.

  11. Mine wasn’t very good either Emily. Trapani’s reminds me of the Florida Keys; they try to make up for the quality by giving you huge portions.

  12. Bill told me these pictures were in the blog, looks like all had a great time(very special). I must say the girls looked a lot younger than the boys probably because of different consumption rates.
    Hope I get a chance at the next one.

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