Cleaning out the closet reminds me how far I’ve come – or is it how far I’ve GONE?


The cooler temperatures this week prompted me to do some sprucing up in my closet. I’m dreaming of fall and weeding out my tank tops and white shoes.

You know, no proper Southern girl would ever wear white after Labor day.  As for the tank tops – I keep them around only to remind me that I once dared to wear them!

gucci I was appalled to find a Gucci handbag among the detritus.  I don’t even think it was a knock-off.

That little number probably cost me a month’s salary.  Where were my priorities back in the 80s? My children were eating hot dogs and I was supporting Mr. Gucci.  What a silly, silly woman I was.  With so much need in the world, I can’t believe I was so self indulgent.

These days, a Kroger bag works just fine and costs me zilch.

monolo And there, way back behind my Christmas decorations, I discovered the pair of Manolo Blahniks I purchased in New York when “Sex in the City” was still on my Tivo.  They were the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. (Plus they were disgustingly WHITE!)

Why  didn’t someone slap me in the face and wake me up to the realities of this world? Anything labeled “designer” should be outlawed.

The Manolos have been replaced with rubber shower shoes  purchased at Fred’s on sale for 50 cents! They feel like heaven.

So my fashion style may have taken a nosedive, but my clothing budget is going to be re-directed to charity.

6 thoughts on “Cleaning out the closet reminds me how far I’ve come – or is it how far I’ve GONE?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. What were we thinking spending ALL that money on ALL those clothes!! Obviously, not thinking! And, there are lots of things from Walmart in my closet now.

    Shirley D.

  2. I’m very proud to say that West Point has a new non profit organization. The West Point/ Clay County Animal Shelter. We have been excepting the dogs & cats brought in by animal control for about a month now and in Sept. we will open to the public.
    Please keep us in mind and come see us when you are in town. We are located on Tibbee Rd.

  3. You might be proud of me. Tonight we offered to let a student use our old old car for awhile. There was a bag of old clothes I was going to give to the poor. I looked at them again and decided when I am through with clothes, no one should have to wear them. They are garbage now.

    Jeanette B

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