Color me confused


I just ran to the store to buy another pound of butter to finish my Thanksgiving spread. I’m really not trying to kill my family, but real butter is the only way to go during Thanksgiving.


On the way I peered into Beverly’s Smitherman’s front door and saw she has her Christmas tree up and shining.  It was so beautiful, I wanted to go home and put mine up. 

Focus, Emily.  We’re doing Thanksgiving, I reminded myself.

But maybe I missed the memo that instructed us to put up Christmas decorations  before Thanksgiving? 

Apparently so.  The City of Starkville put up our street decorations last week.  That really made me upset, but I let it go.  I just don’t like reducing the importance of Thanksgiving. 

I remember growing up, there was a distinct delineation between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You could at least catch your breath  for a few weeks until you went into gift buying mode. Now you get 12 hours and have to face Black Friday.

Not me, baby.  No rock bottom price will get me to a store on Black Friday. Unless I find a really cheap microwave.  I burned up mine a month ago and have all these microwave dinners that I can’t use. 

2 thoughts on “Color me confused

  1. NO microwave could be cheap enough to fight the BF crowds. I learned that [for the 10th time—I’m slow] a few years ago. I plan to stay at home, put away my pumpkins and fall leaves and dig out my Christmas decorations.

  2. It used to be a tradition with me and my kids to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. We had such fun doing it. Now they are grown and gone and I don’t do any decorating. That, to me, was the official start of Christmas holidays…..not shopping…..

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