Combining class reunions doubles fun!

Well, it wasn’t an official reunion when a bunch of the West Point High School girls from the class of 1965 joined forces with the girls of the class of 66 for an afternoon of fun and games that would put our younger selves to shame.

Now we wonder why we waited so long. We also vowed to do it again in the fall. Pictured from left are classmates Mary Carr McGloghn, Becky Cooper, Marty Southern, and Betty Sugg.  (We will forever remember then by their maiden names.)

Thanks to Frank Portera we had the use of the finest country lodge below the Mason Dixon line.   (Does anyone know where that line is?)  An even younger classmate from the class of ’65 is pictured center below.  Norma and I are bookends to make sure she behaved.

Things got a little out of hand as we all talked at once – reliving the “olden day” when the younger girls sometimes stole our boyfriends.  (Why is it men always want a younger woman?)  We fixed that – no men allowed.  Well except for Frank, the owner of the lodge and Robby Robinson, the mayor of West Point.  You know you have arrived when the mayor shows up to check on you.  I expect he and Frank were there to intervene in case we set something on fire. 

Rivalries forgotten, we began pulling memories out of the air that we thought were gone forever.   

We played an adult game called “What’s my name; and who’s my Daddy.?  Barbara Bryan was the winner hands down for her perfect memory or was it her ability to bluff. She was awarded an original hatmcreation fashioned by Marie Portera.  She promised to wear it to church this morning.

Believe it or not the younger girls taught us some new tricks – such as adding the phrase “in bed” to the fortunes we found in our  fortune cookies.  Mine said  “Your  luck is about to change (in bed).  Well, I never! I hope my Daddy doesn’t see this.

What a great group of girls.  We’re thinking of forming a social club called “The Crabbs.” ( The Commiittee for the Revitalization of Baby Boomers.)   Our objective is to change the way people think about the Boomer generation. But the real purpose is to kick up our heels and create new memories.

Anyone interested?





6 thoughts on “Combining class reunions doubles fun!

  1. I’m interested!! What fun!!

    It’s always fun to relive our high school memories and refresh friendships. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Sorry Judy – of course I know you’re ’67 which you never fail to remind us. Teehee. Also, sorry I didnt ID my best friends forever from class of 65: Marie Portera, Linda Barton, Norma Clark, Olivia Catledge, Betty Lynn Webber, Barnara Norris. They are the sisters I never got to have.

  3. Barbara!! Sorry yall. If my eye sight should last as long as I do, everything would be copesetic!

  4. Had a great time! I also wonder why we waited so long to get together!! The ’66 girls are already planning the next fun time!!

  5. Looks like a great group of young’uns! A couple of Round-up favs there too. Hope to see some of you ’65-ers soon; no plans made yet though.

    Love you guys!

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