Come on, get creative!


Creative gift wrapping is an opportunity to express yourself and use up what you already have lurking around in your prop closet.

Or better yet, use a utilitarian item for your ribbon (see left) to wrap items such as an electronic gift.

As I pulled out my boxes of Christmas decorations last week, I discovered at least five or six rolls of old wrapping paper that


gift wrappingdon’t necessarily complement my color scheme this year.  Try layering the papers — mixing and matching patterns, colors, and textures.

Variations on classic holiday colors can be used in nontraditional patterns, uniting dots and damask with the bold stripe of a ribbon.

When wrapping your parcel, begin with one pattern, then run a band of complementary paper around the center. Pinking sheers would be helpful here and a glue gun if you have one.  Otherwise, scotch tape will do nicely.

Finish with a velvet ribbon for added texture. 

No need to purchase those tacky prefab ribbons – I bought one in silver for $2.99.  It will be ripped off and discarded on Christmas morning.  That’s just wasteful. 

gift_wrap_pine_cones I like to tuck a few sprigs of rosemary or pine cones in with the twine – but you might want to wait until closer to Christmas or you’ll have a bunch of dead needles all over the floor.

You can also use one piece of ribbon to secure several gifts intended for one person.

This also helps keep gifts organized so you don’t have too hunt through the pile of gifts to find Aunt Emma’s or Uncle Egbert’s treasures.





And when it’s Christmas Eve and you’ve run out of your wrapping paper, it’s time to get really creative.  I always love to use brown paper with raffia ribbons.  Tuck in a piece of holly, and you’re good to go.


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