Come on Mississippi, let’s get it in gear

largel greasy

I was dismayed to read this morning that of the 12 states with the highest obesity rates in the nation, Mississippi is Number 1!

gtlazed donut cheeseburgers

Glazed donut cheeseburger anyone?  No wonder we are having a hard time fitting into an airplane seat.  Who comes up with this stuff – well, beside Paula Deen.

But have you seen her lately, she has lost weight and looks terrific.  Shame she had to get sick to wake up.

What’s scary about this report is that it was compiled from a telephone survey which asked adults their height and weight.  Now, I don’t know about you but I would lie.  My drivers license says I’m 5 feet, five inches tall, and weigh 120 pounds.  So it must be so.  Right?


Wrong.  They didn’t call me but I would have told them to mind their own business.  Thirty-six percent of Mississippi households surveyed were answered by obese people. My guess is that  television, fast food and computers have worked together to get us in this shape – er, rather out of shape.

I’m writing all this stuff to help motivate myself.  Change begins at home and I didn’t do my daily walk this morning.  Still in a funk after the death of a friend I guess.  But I’m about to get on my walking shoes and take Lucky Dawg and Rebel to the park.

3 thoughts on “Come on Mississippi, let’s get it in gear

  1. SIMPLE—phones-computers-you are correct…..However–inactivity because of those and the schools with no PE class— food is not the cars.that is one of the causes–walk or bike to school–moms pick kids up at school and the first thing they do–feed them–then they eat again in the evening–all they have done all day is sit!!!!!go home and sit again!!!!!…INACTIVITY PHYSICALLY….THAT IS THE MAIN CAUSE…….Now for the out of school bunch….they just continue doing what they did when they were in school—sit–eat–tv….IT’S NO WONDER……..

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