Come on, step out of the box

step out

I’ve lived my whole life in a box – the one self-imposed and driven by a little voice in my head warning me not to stick my neck out, to always dress appropriately; talk softly, and do everything perfectly.,  So, I’m sure you’d like to ask, “How’s that working for me?

stepping outside the box

Well, you tell me.  I’ve arrived at the “afternoon tea time” of my life an anxious, neurotic woman who’s afraid of the boogie man living under my bed.

After this frigid winter, I’ve become so comfortable in my recliner with Lucky Dawg and Rebel in my lap, that I don’t bother to get up, get dressed and see if there’s a world still turning out there. 

I have declared today “Step Out of The Box” day.  Just for one day I plan to dress out and show up.  I’ve been waiting to make my debut until I lose that last five pounds, my hair comes back, and I find a bulletproof  vest to deflect any sort of criticism.I might have to endure.  Thumb sucking must end. 

It has come to my attention, that my self-imposed exile is preventing all kinds of delightful unexpected experiences.  As one of the Roosevelt presidents – can’t remember  which – once said (and I paraphrase):There is no effort without error and shortcoming.  But he who actually strives to do the deeds, is he who in the end knows the triumph…or at least fails by daring greatly.  Hmmm. I can do that.

The question we must all ask ourselves is “What price will we pay for shutting down and disengaging from life to remain in the cushy softness of our comfort zones?” 

Winter’s almost done and maybe it’s time to get out there and see what we’re missing. Here I go.  Anyone want to come along?

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