Could it be swine flu?


I’ve been in the bed for four days, and the chills, fever, joint aches and assorted other pains, have not begun to subside.

Could it be swine flu? 

I think it must be, because I’ve never had anything this bad in my life.  I began feeling the symptoms in church on Sunday when I, a very hot blooded creature by nature, began to shake with chills. 

I cringe to think how many other people I may have infected.


My advice to you is to be very vigilant about washing your hands – especially after being out and about in public.  Don’t touch your face and stock up on plenty of chicken soup and Theraflu – that’s the only thing that has helped, but the effects are rather short lived.  Once the symptoms set in, drink lots of water and stay at home!

I finally dragged myself out of bed and came up for air to check my e-mail and let the dogs out.  I think I may have rushed it.  Just wanted you to know I’m still alive – barely.

8 thoughts on “Could it be swine flu?

  1. Oh, Emily, I hope it’s not the dreaded piggy poo, as my grandkids called it. Do take care & hurry back to entertaining us mere observers soon ! !

  2. Sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon. Do you need anything? If I can bring you anything I will be happy too.

  3. Emily,
    I’m glad you checked in so we would know where you were.
    Do you have people close by checking in on you often?
    Hope you are able to keep the fluids down. Wouldn’t want you getting complications.
    One time I got very sick in my apartment, and by the time K found me, I was yellow, and VERY dehydrated. It was a Sunday (I’d been sick a week), so she took me to see another doctor.

    I didn’t want to get an IV as that would entail too much hassle, so I told that doc that if she would give me an anti-nausea injection, that I thought I could keep down some Gatoraide. Sure enough, it worked, and I got some relief.

    Think at that point, the disease had turned the corner, but the dehydration and related complications were what was making me feel so bad.

    No, I didn’t have hepatitis, but when my own fp checked me later to follow up, she thought I’d had meningitis, due to the way my head had felt and a few other things. I actually thought I was going to die that week.

    Anyway, I just think it’s a good idea to have a friend check in on you once in a while, and take you to the doc if you need to be taken in. Ask for one of those nausea shots if you get to where you can’t hold anything down. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen though, if you’ve been able to hold down fluids this far along.

    Perhaps things are going to make a quick turn for the better. Hope so!
    Yours, Cuz

  4. So sorry you are sick. I hope you get better soon. Think I will go wash my hands. Just finished working at the hospital!

  5. So sorry to hear you’re sick. Wish I were there to help you through this miserable time.

  6. emily, i hope you are better today and glad you did the right thing by going to bed. Have you reported your symptoms to a doc? You could be a statistic for our county…Take care…shirley

  7. Thanks all for your concern. Being ill does have it’s upside. I got to watch an entire series on the rise and fall of Napoleon yesterday. I also discovered why his military genious failed at Waterloo. They treated his hemerroids with leaches the night before. That would kill anyone’s enthusiasm.

    The bad thing is I was scheduled to work at my friend, Brenda’s, Merle Norman Studio this week while her husband had heart surgery. As luck would have it the surgeon canceled because he went home yesterday with THE FLU! So she won’t need me until next week.

  8. First rule about living along…….make sure someone checks on you at least every other day or so. Hope you are feeling better.

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