Dead tree makes a great Christmas Tree

dead tree

I’m off to the woods to find a dead tree to add yet one more Christmas tree to my decor. As of this moment I have five trees in my home – all of the artificial variety – I think they are called pencil posts because they are tall and skinny, just like I would like to be.

Two of my friends have come up with the most delightful trees. Above Cynthia lost a shrub this year, but she thought it had such a lovely shape that she saved it and decorated it for Christmas. It is beautiful!

My friend Norma discovered this trick several years ago. She sent her husband Bubba out into the woods to hunt – for a dead tree that is. He came home with the huge deceased skeleton you see below. Within minutes Norma had transformed it into a work of art.

tree girl, sked 009

It was perfect in her rustic country home (unfortunately my photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s a picture of a picture, but you get the idea.). I don’t think she did it this year, probably because Bubba was out hunting animals rather than dead trees.

2 thoughts on “Dead tree makes a great Christmas Tree

  1. Emily….you and Norma are invited to my house next year to help decorate my tree(s)! I would love one of the “dead” ones, but let’s do a real green one, too!

    Mark your calendars….

  2. Somehow I can’t see Mack going hunting for a dead tree. I’m mourning one of my red top fatinias out back which died of natural causes – old age. I’ll see if I can preserve its carcus and we can make a splash in your front parlor next year.

    So sorry to see we lost another Portera this week- Joe John’s mother. I just saw her at Mr. Louis’ funeral a few weeks ago. I can’t believe that three in that generation died in one month. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas – send me photos.

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