Debunking some common beliefs



Here I go with another "they say" thoughts. Things just pop into my head and suddenly I will think "NAH-UHHHH" Things like sayings you hear all of your life and you take it as gospel. Then you stop and think….and you realize that’s not really true. It is just that when things are said often enough, people start to believe it.


One such saying that popped into my deluded brain this week was " Money can’t buy you happiness." Whoever said that bull and got the rest of the world to "buy" into it??? Money can darn well buy you happiness.

It can’t buy you good health unless you mean in the sense of having good health insurance. BUT pretty much else it can too buy you happiness. At least it can for me. A cruise brings me happiness, a new car buys me happiness, a new house can do the trick. The list is endless of how money can bring me happiness.

NOT having money can bring you UNHAPPINESS….case in point…having an old broken down van makes me very unhappy, watching people on TV going on cruises doesn’t cut it for me.

Of course let’s not take away from the fact that many things you have that bring you happiness can’t be bought. However, most of those things are feelings, not "stuff". I like "stuff". I have to buy my tickets to the movies, they buy me happiness. I have to buy tickets for trips. Trips make me happy . Being able to pay my bills brings extreme happiness. That is especially true when I can pay for the heating bill on these 20 degree nights. The unconditional love from my dogs brings me happiness, but I even had to pay for them, even if it was just fees for spaying, shots, etc. from the humane society. Sooooo just a few examples of how money CAN buy you happiness.

Then what does that mean "Blood is thicker than water." Well we all know what the expression means to us but what does water have to do with it? Who came up with that? We all just keep saying it and passing it along not questioning the fact that IT MAKES NO SENSE!

"Two can live cheaper than one" HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA Can two of us get in the movie for one ticket? Can two of us eat at McDonald’s for the price of one Happy Meal? Can two of us fly on the same ticket? Can two of us even get a frigging Motel 6 room for one price? Remember the tiny print under the $29.99 sign. It says "for one person". By the time you pay for each person, you could have stayed at the Hilton. I would love to get a 2 for 1 cruise. That’s what I would like. Two can live cheaper than one, yeah right.

"You are only as old as you feel" Triple HA HA’s on that one. I have heard that expression one too many times. The next person to say that to me better be able to run faster than I can. What a crock! My mind feels 12, but my body feels 92. I FEEL like I want to be 23 instead of 63, but does that make it so? If I feel 30, how can I convince that gorgeous man that I am really just 30 because I FEELLL like I am 30? He has to feel it too. You can’t FEELLLL wrinkles away. Speaking of running faster, my brother’s theory about getting away from a bear is that he only has to outrun me! Brotherly love 🙂

"Break a leg" – what a way to wish someone luck on doing some performance. I am sure that has some historical meaning which I could probably research, but I’m not :-). Just going to make fun of it and wonder why the heck someone would smile and pat you on the back and tell you to go "break a leg". Thanks my friend, I will do my best to do that for ya.

"Only 2 things in life are certain, death and paying taxes" .  Now tell me are those the only 2 things that are certain in life? First of all death wouldn’t be "in life" now would it? And I can think of lots of things that are certain in life besides those 2 things. You can be certain that your heat will be turned off if you don’t pay your utility bill. You can be certain that everything is uncertain. Who comes up with these sayings? And why do we indulge them by continuing to pass them on?

"Walking on eggshells". Well, the eggs are already broken, may as well stomp on through them. It would be more accurate to say "walking on tacks, or light bulbs. The light bulbs would really make you walk lightly. 🙂

"One bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush" How did birds and bushes get involved in the idea that something you actually have is better than something you don’t actually have? And speaking of birds, "the birds and the bees" … that’s a basic fact of life right? Am I the only one to still not make the connection with that’s how babies are made? 🙂

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