Defining moments


We’ve all had many defining moments.  I just never sat down and thought about them until today.  I even made a list.  Some were negative but most were powerfully positive, due most likely to selective memory (my forte.)

Here are the few I don’t mind sharing:

* The day my first love dumped me.  His name was Butch Bryan and I was crushed to learn that he only came to see me because he was smitten by my mother.  I decided lovers could not be trusted and I still carry remnants of that curse in my head

* The day my children were born and I learned I could care more for someone else than myself;

*The day I learned I had ovarian cancer and statistically had only 3-5 years to live.  Believe me, it changes how you look at everything. (Oh, and I’m still here as far as I know unless I’m a spirit who is still paying taxes.)

*The day I learned that the word “NO” is a complete sentence.  For this old people pleasing broad,  that was huge although I’m still learning to pronounce the word.

*The day I learned that my imperfections may be among my best qualities.  Did you know there are artists of some of the world’s greatest masterpieces who purposely mess up something to give the painting or novel its own unique quality.  LOVE THAT!

*The day I learned that I don’t have to go to some dimly lit basement gym and workout for hours trying to work off the dreaded chocolate coated pig skins I ate yesterday.  Instead I found a tutorial for Argentine Tango and baby, that’s the ticket.  I hope I can find a partner who’s not under the age of 50 to join me.

So today I’m practicing the art of imperfection.  I’m going au naturelle – just the makeup and hair, the clothes will remain until I also lose my mind.  I just walked three miles and no one recognized me. SEE!  Imperfection has many hidden advatages.

I wave goodbye to this insane culture that promotes our self-loating.  Who knows this might be my latest defining moment.





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