Deja vous all over again

ritz gang 002 Blink your eyes, and it’s 1965 again.  You’re in the cafeteria at West Point High School and the gang’s all here! Except the cafeteria looks  different and they now have a chef, a  gourmet menu and a flat paneled television! But who are these “old” people?

Today was deja vous all over again.  I entered the Ritz Cafe in West Point and ran smack dab into some of my favorite people in the whole world.

They were the “kids” I ran with in high school. ritz gang 005 The occasion was the surprise visit of Sandra White (pictured at left) of Orlando. Only she has morphed into Sandy Patkus and looks about nineteen and a half.

That’s just not fair, not fair at all.  Who is she – the cousin of Dorian Gray?  I’m thinking of changing my name to see if that helps. Not only that, but she sings like an angel and has lived a charmed life – seriously.  She performed at Disney World for years – and not with Micky Mouse.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the “big balls” she is about to sample.  They are a gastronomic masterpiece and chef came out and told us how to make them.  You don’t want to miss this.

Incidentally, today (Thursday) is Sandy’s birthday.  I happen to know that she has reached the ripe old age of Fifty-thirteen – way older than me.

We had a blast (did I really use that word?).  We hadn’t seen each other in 35 years and lunch took exactly two hours and 15 minutes and wasn’t nearly enough time.

Most of our food was returned to the kitchen uneaten because we couldn’t shut up long enough to dine. Carolyn, Marie and I are already planning a trip to Orlando.

Since I know my boomerang gang won’t be able to recognize some of these folks – here’s a cheat sheet on the lead photo.  Seated from left is Gail Ferguson, Sherry White, Sandra White and Carolyn Blair (I chose not to use their married names because I can’t spell them).  Standing from left is Kyle Chandler, Bob Marshall, Jimmy Henley, the deluded chick, and the deluded chick’s father, Tom Braddock.

Daddy’s only comment after listening to us for two hours: “I thought ya’ll were bad in high school, but you’ve gotten much worse.”

5 thoughts on “Deja vous all over again

  1. what a nice treat for ME to meet with old friends…it seems as if time has stood still! emily is still as charming as ever and entertaining as well. i haven’t laughed like that in ages! her comments were so appreciated; however, she hasn’t changed one bit and i would have recognized her anywhere! my sister, sherry, said she hadn’t had such a good time ….in a long time. i look forward to the “gang” visiting in florida…my husband would have some good laughs at all our rantings!! thanks to emily for making me feel so special!

  2. Love you girl. So glad we finally connected. I was taken aback by how much Sherry looks like Linda Murrah. It threw me off a bit. Can’t wait for our next gathering.

  3. I have been smiling all afternoon as I replayed the various conversations from our lunch today…many that were simultaneious! Thanks for a really fun time. Hope to see you again really soon.

  4. I had such a wonderful time being with all of you. There is just something special about going home to West Point and seeing everyone. We have to do this more often. Maybe next time we will have to get three tables. Carolyn

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