Delight is in the details


I’m not much of a detail person and I tend to overlook the small imperfections in life – you know the ones – the kinks in the works that prevent us from ever achieving perfection.

diamondsAs I was strolling through the murky darkness of my neighborhood this morning I spotted something shiny in the asphalt that demanded further examination.  I guess it was a mirage because the sparkle was nothing more than asphalt overlay capturing the available light.

Suddenly it occurred to me that our days are  made up of small moments of microscopic pieces of glittering mica dotting a long stretch of concrete.  I wish I could train myself to notice the shiny snippets that come our way throughout each day.  But we are too focused on some point way up ahead that we don’t notice.

Perhaps we just need to do the best we can by the light we have been given to see those gems.  Maybe if we focus on the beauty of the now, we won’t worry so much about the drabness of the then.  All this philosophizing was giving me a headache.  After all, life is a terminal situation. If we waste it by failing to notice the small delightful details, we lose it.

I went home and started my day over.  Pee-Diddy the cat was splashing wildly in her water bowl and water spots had already begun to form on my freshly waxed floor.  BUT, my mother’s grandfather clock which hasn’t chimed since I moved back to Starkville was donging away.  Don’t tell me that miracles don’t exist in this world.

One thought on “Delight is in the details

  1. Careful life will rush right by us
    I too am guilty of not taking enough time to slow down and enjoy the moments

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