Delightful side effects of downsizing


The above photo was found stuck in an evening bag which I must have carried to my high school prom.  It captured my Brownie Scout Troop from somewhere in the 1950s.  It appears Olivia (back center) and I were the only scouts whose folks wouldn’t spring for the drab brown uniform.  That, or we were partial to plaids.powder pluff

This shot was in the bottom of a shoe box I was about to toss – It was from a Powder Puff Football game from the early 60s.  I only recognize Tinker Lautar, 2nd from left, and Betty Lynn Weber in shorts.

After returning from five heavenly days in The Big Easy I arrived home to find my home had been invaded.  Lamps were overturned, chairs thrown against the wall and papers and whatnots awry.

PeeDiddie the cat had “tossed” my space as they say on detective shows.  It seems she and some furry object had engaged in a war and PD won.  I suspect it was an unsuspecting Chimney Sweep which often show up in the spring.

All this chaos forced me to do some serious cleaning which evolved into some more serious decluttering.  Of course, as is usually the case I unearthed fascinating notes to myself and photos from a long forgotten past.  Perhaps some of you can help me identify some of the cast of characters.


I can clearly identify Linda Murrah (Center) who appears to be playing Little Bo Peep.

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  1. Emily, I had these pictures in our 50th Anniversary slideshow and had identified quite a few of the folks in the pictures. I still want to make a DVD available for the class, but with all the events of the last year, it’s been on a back burner. I’m sure you’ll understand. Love you!

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