Do what scares you! Huh?


Each day, I spend untold hours avoiding what scares me.  The list is so long that extended end to end it would probably go all the way around my house.


I’ve become scared of driving interstates I’m unfamiliar with which means my travel is limited to Tupelo and Tuscaloosa.  I am afraid of flying unless it’s a kite and lately even a ladder causes my blood to curdle   I’m afraid of roaches, tornadoes, and the thought of wearing a bikini.  (That last one should scare anyone within 90 miles). I’m scared of going to a movie by myself, eating alone in a restaurant, loaded or unloaded guns, and strangers carrying a bag (I figure it’s a bomb).

The list could go on and on, but suddenly I’m looking at my phobias in a different way.  Norma gave me a book yesterday entitled “Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You” with the idea it will give you a big shot courage and expand our shrinking horizons.  There’s a page for each day of the year where you record “THE THING” you did. 

Today, I will watch a movie alone.  (Okay, so I’ll be in my easy chair but maybe tomorrow I’ll mosie over to the theatre.) Tomorrow I’ll approach that dangerous looking stranger and ask what’s in the bag.  Wow.  the New Year may have me doing all kinds of daring things.  I’ll even take an airplane trip as long as I can get a doctor to give me a Zanex.

Think about it. As a child we were scared of Russians. the abominable snowmen and losing our allowance which for me was a whopping 35 cents.  See how silly your fears appear in the rear view mirror?  I’m going to apply to medical school in January.  That should scare you as well.

3 thoughts on “Do what scares you! Huh?

  1. Emily,
    This inspires me! I am such a scardy cat! Lack of confidence when I was younger. I hope I am not too old to accept the challenge … You are the best!

  2. Barbara, you were inspired by that? You need to get out of the house. Emily, go see her and hold her hand as she walks outside. LOL! Merry Christmas to all!

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