Do you look your age?

getting carded

The clerk at Whole Foods in Nashville carded me – trying to buy beer!

I read this morning that 55 percent of humans think they look younger than they actually are.  So how about you? Do you think you look OLDER or YOUNGER than you actually are?

I always think I look younger while glancing in the rear view mirror of my truck.  Well, who wouldn’t from that angle with their necks stretched up.  Try looking down into a mirror and you will never want to leave the house again!

According to a the survey, 55% of people think they look younger than they actually are . . . while only 9% think they look older than their actual age.

And if you break it down by gender . . . 58% of WOMEN and 48% of MEN think they look younger than they actually are.

But I suppose that makes sense since only 51% of men say they WANT to look younger . . . while 64% of women would like to look younger. And listen to this . . .

SEVEN in TEN people between the ages of 18 and 24 say they would like to look “about their age”. But as they get older . . . that number gradually starts to drop.

Overall, HALF of all people say that if they were given the choice . . . they’d like to look as though they were in their 20s.

This brings me to the point I wanted to make.  I was “carded” last week in Nashville.  Carded!  Moi, standing on the threshold of Fifty-twelve! Marie and Jill were with me and they’ll vouch for the incident which sent my spirits soaring … until I learned state law in Tennessee requires EVERYONE purchasing alcoholic beverages to get carded.  Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Do you look your age?

  1. You got me all mixed up with all of the % statistics! But you must have something going for you in a big way with the guy behind you (in the picture) apparently having his left hand coming up to touch your behind!!

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