Do you treat people like pets, or pets like people?


I don’t think it matters much as long as you love them completely. 

We love our pets and we love our people.  Maybe we should make an effort to treat the people in our lives as special as our pets.


I would never let my pet suffer a  moment if I could stop it.  But I’ve been guilty of making a friend (or  lover)  suffer because I felt slighted somehow or just plain miffed at something they said.

Our pets would probably miff us too if they could. I can just hear Rebel Dawg complaining about how much salt I put into his spaghetti sauce.

Tee hee, he just has to take it as it is.  How many dawgs get spaghetti sauce, anyway?

Wouldn’t it would be a glorious thing if people were more like pets.  We’d spend more time wagging our tails and less time wagging our tongues!

We’d love them even if they made a mess on the floor or failed to agree with us.  We would love them simply because they love us.  There’s a lesson here.

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