Don’t be so tolerant!


Are you tolerating something in your life that causes you undue stress or simply drains your energy?

For me it’s my desk, with papers stacked so high I can barely see over them.  The problem is I’m overwhelmed by paper!  I can’t seem to motivate myself to set up a more effective filing system so for now it just seems easier to shuffle through the pile.


Because this month is National Get Organized Month, it’s also a perfect time to get more organized in your life and with your schedule, and plug up those drains!

Why not cut out at least one of your "tolerations" starting today. You’ll be left with more time and energy to do the things that support your health and wellness, and you’ll have less stress in your life as well!

As we raise our standards and improve our quality of life, we tolerate less. When you stop putting up with the things that hold you back, you begin to notice that your life and your days become easier and more fulfilling.

The first step in breaking a bad habit is to look at why you find this action so compelling. In other words, what’s the payoff for doing this seemingly negative thing? For the life of me, I can’t find any payoff in my messy office. 

Since you’ve already classified this as a "bad" habit you may be tempted to say there isn’t one. But look closer. There is always a payoff.  I have a bad habit of leaving the dishes unwashed until after I spend some time surfing the net which is my favorite form of exercise. ? The payoff could be that I get to spend more time on the Internet!  But is it worth the guilt.

Today, I’m going to cut off the computer and attack that pile of paper – AFTER I clean up the kitchen.

5 thoughts on “Don’t be so tolerant!

  1. Emily, funny that I saw this one today…. yesterday I spent the morning sorting old junk mail into shred, do something or trash! I had one big pile for yesterday and another for tomorrow evening. Sad! I vowed in the future to deal with it on a daily basis. Stay tuned…..

  2. I’m as bad as you Emily. The I have found one thing to help a little with the paper clutter. I purchased 2 of the clear plastic file holders that can sit on my desk or hang on the wall next to it. I have a regular filing cabinet but I’m just to lazy to get up a file everything daily or even weekly for that matter. I use it to file things that I dont need at my finger tips (warranties, books that come with new purchases or instruction booklets) and maybe once a month I’ll throw the monthly bill file in there. I have found that by having the plastic file holders its easier for me to find things like coupons, tax deductions, address lables, insurance policies and such. Plus when ever I am ready to actually clear the clutter I can just look up and file it where at least I have some idea on where to put it ……lol

  3. Try any place that sells office supplies, I think I found mine at Walmart or Office Depot.

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