Dressing up the dressing

FOCODR01 Tomorrow I make my annual cornbread dressing for my Thanksgiving whoop-ti-doo.

For more than 30 years I’ve been in search of the perfect recipe and I would love to hear how you make it – unless you’re lucky enough to have someone else make it for you!

Each year someone suggests something to spice up my grandmother’s tried and true recipe and each year it gets a little better.  Last year Shirley Dawkins told me to add a can of Cream of Chicken Soup, and year before Jack suggested jalapeno peppers.  Both are now de rigueur.

This year, instead of using canned biscuits, I’m going to Hardee’s and purchasing a half dozen or so – they make THE BEST BISCUITS and will be a nice addition.

Someone else told me to always make my own stock and never, ever use that canned stuff.  I do believe that is one of the secrets. So, what do you put into your cornbread dressing to make it your own? Last year I baked my dressing in large muffin cups and that was fun, but more trouble than it was worth and at least two didn’t unmold properly.

One year I added fresh oysters and everyone but moi loved it.  I detest the slimmy things and got tired of baking two dressings – one for company and the other for me.  Plus I’m a little leery of oysters these days.

Come, give me a hint what your secret is, and I need it fast since tomorrow is dressing baking day.  If you don’t want the world to know you can put your tip in an e-mail.

tomatoes Today I’m doing tomatoes Rockefeller – new dish this year.  My crowd will be whining and complaining that I’m not doing my traditional spinach Madeline.

But frankly, it’s never been the same since Kraft stopped producing their little tubes of jalapena cheese.  I called Mr. Kraft and complained and he said these blocks of jalapena Velveeta are the same product but I know he lied.

7 thoughts on “Dressing up the dressing

  1. O.K., Emily, I know I have told you my secret before, but here it is again…Canned cream of chicken soup…biscuits….and canned chicken broth (fat free)…along with all the normal things (cornbread, sauteed celery and onion….) When I taught school, this was their “secret” and it is a good one!

    Good luck!

  2. Emily,
    I just discovered jalapeno cheese roll. Made by “Parker” and sold at Calandro’s in Baton Rouge. They also have garlic cheese roll.

  3. Joyce – this is wonderful news. Bring back the spinach madeline. Haven’t seen that brand around here so I may have to make a trip to Louisiana!

  4. Olivia – maybe you told me this – but you know, my memory is sketchy at best. But I’m off to Hardees right now to get my biscuits. Thanks for the response. No one else responded. Probably no one reading my drivel but you and me!!!

  5. Emily…this is shirley carley. I am at my daughter’s home in Texas and we are going to make my mothers dressing. Am sure the basic recipe is the same. Mother used four slices of white bread toasted and let dry for a couple of days. Also day old or so cornbread crumbled. Eggs. salt and pepper, lots of browned onions and celery. and moistened with turkey stock or boxed chicken broth. We like it baked in a casserole instead of within the bird…Good luok and Happy thanksgiving..shirley

  6. Well darn Shirley. I just got your note and I’ve already got my dressing in the fridge ready to bake. I should have toasted everything!!! That was the secret
    I needed! Mine looks like a foam rubber pillow. Next year…. Hope you have a wonderful day! But I hold you responsible for my substandard product.

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