Driven to distraction


Driving a vehicle used to be simple. Drive the speed limit. Stay in your lane. Wear a seat belt. Keep your eye on the road.

These days, that last one is  tricky.

texting in car I read today that 120 people died each week in accidents caused by cellphones -which usually involved text messaging.   Heck, you might as well be reading a book while you drive!

Some states, such as New York, have outlawed cell phone use while driving. Motorists are required to pull over if they must make or take a call. According to a recent study, 77 percent of Americans admitted they have sent a text message while driving a motor vehicle. Oh gee, you can quit worrying about car jacking – a texter can be more deadly!

Imagine the concentration it takes to send a note via text message. Could you do it while you’re driving? If you said yes, please tell us where you normally drive. We’d like to avoid that area.

And you’re not just endangering motorists. In an incident last week a school teacher was struck by a car while walking her dog. She was found lying on the side of the road after she didn’t return home.

After news reports appeared on television and area Web sites, an area man turned himself in to police, saying he was sending a text message while traveling through the area in the period of time when he struck the woman.

It’s time for state lawmakers to act. This act is too dangerous for it to be permitted on state roads.Let’s stop this now. I’m afraid to leave the house!

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