Dumping the desk

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I’m on a mission to simplify my life…have been for ten years.

I left the big city and returned to my roots.  I’ve gotten out of organizations which no longer interest me, and I’ve dropped activities that don’t feed my soul.

My friends are the people I laugh with and cry with, and life is full and rich.  But my last frontier,  is paring down my possessions.  With fall approaching, I make my annual autumnal resolutions which focus on my home office this year.  I must face years worth of files, records and crap that resides there rent free.


This may the most daunting chore of all because I don’t know what to keep and what is superfluous.

Today, I’m cleaning out my desk and putting everything in piles to sift through slowly for the next week.  I may even even give away the desk. It’s a big old 1970s Mediterranean Monster and I never use it anymore since my laptop is my desk for the new millennium.  The drawers stick and it’s a dust magnet.

Now that I think about it, my “home office” is no longer necessary.  It is 150 square feet of wasted space.  May turn it into a giant pantry and prep area since it’s right off the kitchen.  Norma has a nice prep area off her kitchen which it a great space to stash things you use frequently but don’t want them all over the kitchen cabinets.

But back to paper… record clutter can distract you, weigh you down, and in general it invites chaos into your life.  Often times, however, tackling the clutter can seem an insurmountable task if you don’t know where or how to start.  I don’t have a clue how to start.  May just dump what I can, then put the rest in a big box and stuff it under my bed.

The beauty of autumnal resolutions is that no one else knows you’re making them. They don’t require horns, fireworks or champagne. They only speak to our needs to make small positive changes and open up spaces so we can breathe again.

2 thoughts on “Dumping the desk

  1. Emily, this paperwork hoarding mentality is shared by all of us. Almost seven years ago, all my files/paper/etc. were washed away-I have managed to re-save/re-store/re-accumulate a whole standing file worth! If it doesn’t make you smile or remember happy times- TOSS IT! If you really must have it, give it to someone else to save for you!!!

  2. Ann, I thought about that. People whose homes have burned or got blown away by a hurricane probably never miss the minutia we hang onto for whatever reason. I just spend the day parting with things I thought were special to me. They were just things and I won’t think about them tomorrow. The memories are still here.

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