Early Light

Today is the ninth day of May. It is the 130th day with 236 left in the year 2008. On this day in 1914, Mother’s Day became a public holiday. On this day in 1960 the Food and Drug Administration approved use of a birth control pill. A little irony perhaps?

If you’ve got any 41 cent stamps lurking about, you’d better use them up – a first class postage stamp will go up to 42 cents on May 12.

Today’s word of the day is sentient \SEN-shee-uhnt; -tee-; -shuhnt\, adjective:
1. Capable of perceiving by the senses; conscious.
2. Experiencing sensation or feeling.

I can remember very vividly the first time I became aware of my existence; how for the first time I realised that I was a sentient human being in a perceptible world.

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