Early Light: Bald is Beautiful Day

bald men

Today is Saturday, September 13.  It is the 257th day of the year with only 109 days remaining until we ring in 2009.  Hope your year is going well.

bald eagle Today is for the follicly challenged since it is Bald is Beautiful Day. More and more men are coming to terms with their hairloss and in fact, it’s been quite fashionable for several years now.  So, all right already,  put a stop to those comb-overs!

Another group who should celebrate this day are those who have lost their locks as a result of illness and/or chemotherapy.  Just remember, you don’t have to spend all that time and money coloring, gelling, and spraying. You don’t have to dread bad hair days, or walk out of the beauty shop after plunking down $35 for another bad haircut.  You no longer dread windy days because you are free of one of life’s most frustrating physical features.  Congratulations!

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