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This is Tuesday, May 20, the 141st day of 2008. There are 225 days remaining in the year.

The most famous magazine illustrator of the twentieth century drew it like it was. This was the day, in 1916, when Norman Rockwell’s first cover on The Saturday Evening Post appeared. The illustration was of a young boy having to care for his baby sibling while his little buddies left him and went off to play ball. The forlorn child pushing a baby carriage tugged at the heart strings of all who saw it.

Norman Rockwell drew over 300 covers for The Saturday Evening Post plus covers for Collier’s, American Boy, The Literary Digest, LIFE and others. He also painted the Boy Scouts of America calendar pictorials for 45 years. Four of his famous paintings are The Four Freedoms, used as patriotic posters during WWII. tom Sawer

All of his illustrations, including those used in advertising campaigns pictured nostalgic scenes of small-town America (many of Rockwell’s models were his New England neighbors) … true slices of life captured from a time gone by.  The illustration (above) is titled "artist’s self portrait."  At right is Rockwell’s Tom Sawyer.

Those were the days…

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