Early Light: Upsy-daisy and other interjections


Today is Monday, June 8.  It is the 159th day with 206 remaining in 2009.

Did you know this is Upsy Daisy Day? According to the cheerful folks behind this celebration, today is a day for everyone to get up gloriously, gratefully, and gleefully.

Since it’s a bit too late for us to try getting up gleefully, instead we’ll do our best to lift spirits with some talk about interjections.

Upsy-daisy is an interjection, and (despite today’s usage) it is typically used to express reassurance to a young child when he or she is being lifted. An interjection is an ejaculatory word or form of speech—that is, it is a short, sudden emotional utterance—that usually lacks grammatical connection.

So go out and celebrate Upsy Daisy Day by figuratively lifting someone’s spirits.  It’ll come back to you in multiples.

One thought on “Early Light: Upsy-daisy and other interjections

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