Early reunion arrivals launch good times

Anthony s during wphe reunion 003

Some 20 classmates of West Point High School eet for dinner Thursday at Anthony’s Restaurant in the Point. 

None of us are strangers to Anthony’s which was a grocery store during our formative years. If we looked really hard we could probably find some of our initials carved someplace in the building

Anthony s during wphe reunion 006

Beth Hooker Herron at left above was the only hooker our class.  Linda Barton Aultman at right moved away before she graduated but she has attended every reunion which are becoming more frequent as we age and feel the need to get together at every opportunity.

Classmates from the 50s, 60s, and 70s will gather tonight at Teen Town to dance to the tunes of The Original Torquays.   The band is made up of our contemporaries and they will playing tunes such as The Pointer Sisters “Fire”, “Mustang Sally” and “Midnight Hour.”

Anthony s during wphe reunion 002arist

Tinker Lautar is lead guitarist and Marie Portera will be a gogo dancer.

3 thoughts on “Early reunion arrivals launch good times

  1. Oh, what fun to dance the night away at Teen Town and to music of the 50’s!! Wish Herbert and I were there!

  2. Donna – you tell George he let me down. Said ya’ll wouldn’t miss another reunion. Missed both of you. You get a pass on this, but none other!

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