Earth angels among us

faceless angels 002One of my favorite Christmas presents this year is a painting done by Montgomery, Ala. artist Donnie Sasser.  He has become noteworthy for his signature “faceless angels.”

Why faceless, you ask?  The answer is both simple and intriguing, one that requires some reflection on a daily basis.   I, like Sasser, believe angels are not only celestial beings with wings who watch  over us from afar, but real live people  right here among us.


Who is your angel of the day?  Could it be the neighbor who knew you had a house full of company drop by unexpectedly and she brought over a fresh batch of cookies to serve them.  Of maybe one of your children or grandchildren wrote you a letter (a REAL letter, not a text or tweet) telling you how much you mean to him or her).   Or it could be the friend who held your hand and  sat with you while you received some bad news.

Earth angels are all around us. So whose face will you see superimposed on the faceless angels today?  For sure, one will be Norma Atkins who gave me the painting and a lifetime of friendship – as close to a blood sister as it gets.

Maybe you should ask yourself, “Was I someone’s angel today?” and if not, grow some wings and find a need and do what you can to meet it.  That’s my sermon for the day and it is meant more for me than anyone else since I tend to hibernate in the winter without much regard for what needs doing outside my home.  Have a good Christmas Eve’s Eve and be aware of the angels in your very own home.

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One thought on “Earth angels among us

  1. Hi Sherry I always love and endear your observations. You truley have an eye for the normally unobserved. I’m am 100% certain that I am no angel as you and Sandra will attest to, but I do enjoy helping someone, going way out of my way to do something nice for someone and not expecting anything in return except hopefully a smile. I do however believe that Angels do visit us in the form of humans and do incredible things for those in need. Sometimes they do it in person and in most cases I believe they use those of us who are willing. Please keep your writings coming, they are such a joy to us.

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