Eating out just got better

A lot of eating and living has gone on under the cathedral domed ceiling of the magnificent Perry Cafeteria at Mississippi State University.

The newly remodeled facility, once the largest cafeteria in the nation, was unwrapped today as guests and MSU students and faculty poured into the cavernous dining hall and gawked at its elegance while knoshing on international cuisine.

Built in l922, the imposing structure has served a dual purpose over the years. Once it was a dining hall by day and a dance hall by night, featuring such by-gone greats as Tommy Dorsey and Dorothy Lamour. Longer than a football field at 368 feet, the hall is 90 feet wide and its roof reaches 50 feet into the sky. Flags from each country represented among the university population have been mounted around the perimeter.

Through a number of renovations and changing times, the landmark has continued to serve the student body, staff and guests from throughout the state. It is a magnificent reminder of the proud heritage of the university and our state.

From left facility manager Jill Davis, University acting president Dr. Vance Watson and supervisor Bitty Clark welcomed guests to Perry Cafeteria today.

3 thoughts on “Eating out just got better

  1. Perry Cafeteria has many memories for all of us who attended State!
    It’s beauty has always made it one of my favorite places on the campus.
    In the 1930’s when my father was a student athlete at State, one of his “jobs” was scooping ice cream to the students! As a student in the 1960’s, I enjoyed many meals in the magnificent building.

    Mack and I look forward to returning to State and seeing the new, improved Perry Cafeteria!

  2. Olivia – they’re still “scooping”. I had some sweet potato ice cream yesterday the newest flavor. It was divine. Tasted like sweet potato pie! I’ll think of Homer every time I go in for a “scoop” from now on.

  3. Mack had the new flavor last week when he was at State! As an ice cream connoisseur,he gave the new the new flavor a five star rating!

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