Elf on the shelf


I just heard about a delightful new Christmas tradition for parents or grandparents.  It’s almost guaranteed to change the behavior of your children – at least until Christmas day.

My friend, Cooper Callaway, told me about it and couldn’t believe I’d never heard of them.

“Well, Cooper, my babies are now 39 and 33, and the shelf elf wasn’t around when they still “believed.”



Here’s how it works.  You can buy the commercial “elf” (or make your own).  You place him around the house – changing locations each day. You can conceal them a bit and it’s fun for the child to  find him each morning.

The idea is the elf is watching and will report back to Santa everything he or she does.   They are readily available on the internet, and I presume in toy stores.  Just think of it, we could have shelf bunnies to keep the kiddies in line until Easter; and birthday elves to use  a month prior to their birthdays.

shelf elf

You can name your elf and make sure the child understands the worst offense is to touch or move the elf.

I love this idea and think it adds to the magic of Christmas.  I wish I had one to keep me in line.  Maybe a Dufus on the Slelf could motivate the outlaws in Washington to clean up their acts!  You think?

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  1. There is one in my grandchildren’s house == he first showed up last year and he appears in the strangest places. He even arrives when no one is home! I heard that he was on a curtain rod when they got home from spending Thanksgiving with me.

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