The Deluded Diva

Embrace your inner messiness


Life is messy and imperfect, but this a.m. I read a book which offered some priceless tidbits on how to get past those little thorns in the rose bush of life.

The book is  “Yearnings:  Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life” by Irwin Kula, a Jewish rabbi.  One message in particular hit me upside the head.  It was the challenge to be kind.

But like playing the piano, in order to get good at being kind, we must practice it.  Everyday.

Kula says that the moment you feel the impulse to do something kind for someone, you’d best do it.  Chances are, that little devil in your head will begin to make excuses.  You’re too busy, it may be too much trouble, or cost you too much.

That’s the moment we should go ahead and act on the impulse, says Kula.

Feeling conflicted is our sign that we need to stretch.  The big payoff is that we become happier people in the process, more engaged with life – messies and all.

Kula says, the messiness in life is the sacred stuff that keeps us growing. Our ever present yearnings for meaning and purpose, for love and happiness — to make sense of it all — define our spiritual path and lead to wonderful opportunities and discoveries.

After all if you’ve never had dirty dishes in the sink, you’ve probably never had a home cooked meal.

He explained a puzzling ritual in the Jewish wedding ceremony I’ve often wondered about.  When the couple stomps on a wine glass, they are symbolically embracing their determination to stay whole despite inevitable conflict.

Think I’ll stomp on my coffee cup and pray I can hold it together today long enough to be kind.

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