Escaping the Schlumpadinkas

21 - sometimes frump is fun
Above my fellow schlumpadinkas engage in a little harmless schlumpadinking – only problem was they returned to the real world while I kept schlumpadinking.
 _________________So I got all dressed up today. I don’t have a party or anything – not even lunching with friends.  I dressed up to go out front and do some yard work.  Yes, my life has grown so small that going out to do anything seems like a great adventure.

Keep in mind I live on a busy thoroughfare that the entire population of my town drives by at least twice a day.  I don’t want to be labeled as the schlumpadinka I’ve secretly become any longer.  In case you’re not familiar with the term, urban dictionary defines a schlumpadinka as a woman who dresses as though she has completely given up.
We typically wear sweats 24 hours a day, usually permanently stained with coffee and chocolate.
People are constantly honking and I’m not sure if they’re making fun of my sequined work clothes and a straw hat that is so heavy my head keeps falling to the side or simply acknowledging that I’m still around.  But at least I’m not wearing sweats (at least for today).


The male version is “schlumpadink” and I guess he lounges around in his recliner wearing scuffy house shoes sipping on Bud Light  all day long.  At least the schlumpadinka gets out and actually performs some function.  It might be fun to have a Schlumpadinka/dink party and we can all dress in our most disgusting comfy clothing and just putter around together.

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